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The classes in London follow the traditional training of the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy, in the lineage of C.M.Sherif Gurukkal.

Our curriculum covers the Northern, Southern and Central Kalari traditions (Sampradayam), although most initial training is from the Northern, Vadakkan Sampradayam.

The first level of training is Meippayattu (body practice), also known as Mei Abhyasam, Mei Thozhil or Mei Thari, which consists of many types of body work, from static animal postures (Vadivu), salutations, challenging leg exercises and intricate hand mudras, to the dynamic forms Kalari is renowned for. This body work is unique to Kalarippayat, teaching many attributes from balance and control to speed and agility, whilst simultaneously focusing the mind and spirit of the student. A person's development during this training is not only a vital grounding for advanced practice, but can be very useful outside of the 'Kalari'.

Wooden weapons training, Kol Thari, integrates into the Northern practice early on, and helps to develop many skills, from reactions and reflex responses to awareness and sensitivity. This of course also begins to immerse the Abhyasi (Kalari practitioner) into the Martial traditions.

Once the student has grown into the discipline, the practice opens up into the Northern fighting principles and applications, advanced weapon and empty hands forms, and Southern and Central styles.

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