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The Kerala Kalarippayat Academy UK is dedicated to expanding the teaching and research carried out by the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy in Cannanore, Kerala, South India. Kalarippayattu is a traditional holistic Martial Art with strong links to Yoga and Ayurveda.

The practitioner can study on many levels from body conditioning and weapons training to healing and massage. We have been running regular classes in central London since 1996.

There has been much written on the history and origins of Kalari, what is not often discussed is how this traditional art can be of use in the world today. The broad holistic approach to this 'warrior' training has many attributes which can help and benefit the modern man, woman and child.

The initial physical training (Meippayattu) consists of animal postures arranged in flowing forms which, like Yoga, develops far more than flexibility and strength. It operates on a psycho-physical level which can aid personal awareness and confidence amongst other attributes.

The next level of practice involve wooden and metal weapons which again develop the senses as much as key fighting skills.

What is also interesting, and again confirms Kalari's holistic ways, is the stages of training combine fighting with healing at almost all levels. There are several styles of massage which in Kerala are a fundamental part of learning the art and compliment the body conditioning.

The London classes aim to keep these traditions alive and offer teaching in Northern, Southern and Central Kalari styles. We can also prepare students for study trips to Kerala.

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