Kerala Kalarippayat Academy UK

The Kerala Kalarippayat Academy UK (based in London, England, UK) is dedicated to expanding the teaching and research carried out by the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy in Kannur, Kerala, South India.

Kalarippayat is a traditional holistic Martial Art with strong links to Yoga and Ayurveda. It can be spelt in various ways - Kalaripayattu, Kalaripayatta, Kalari-payat, Kalaripayat or Kalaripayatu - depending on local dialect and translation.

Kalari is believed to be one of the worlds oldest known martial arts systems, perhaps pre-dating many others such as Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Karate.

'Kalari' translates as 'place of training', 'Payattu' as 'combat exercises'

We currently run two classes a week in Central London.